Thursday, 3 November 2011

I've Been Tagged

I'm actually not into blog meme, wordless wednesday or watsoever blogger called it. I prefer my own ideas and writing as a post in my blog. But I feel honour to respond to my friend Ashley 's TAG CHALLENGE which required me to post 11 things about me and answer 11 questions she has tagged me. Here is the respond my dear friend....

1. Shopaholic
2. Beauty Junkie
3. Fashion Junkie
4.Always try to think positive
5. I love my family, my monkey  and my friends
6. I'm a fussy person.It's hard to satisfy me
7. I love travelling
8. I love driving
9. I like outdoor activities. 
10.I'm not a too girly attitude.
11.I'm not a busy body person.You can do anything you like as long as it doesn't harm me. 


1. What was the craziest thing you did?
I can't recall.I think I have many

2. McD or KFC??

3. Which bad habits, if any, drive you crazy?
I hate money! Everytime I have it in hands, I will give it to the shop.

4.  List 1 thing you wish you could change about yourself:
I'm not perfect but I am who I am. 

5. Name 1 thing you miss about being a kid: 
Simple & Happy

6. Name 1 thing you love about being an adult: 
Earn money

7. What's your favourite song of the moment?
Kerana Ku cinta Dia by BCL

8. Which would you rather have, 100 million dollars or true love?
True Love! What thats money for if I live alone.Loneliness can kill me.

9. If you HAD to change your name, what would you change it to?
I love DYANA

10. Have any hidden talents?
I'm always think I don't have talents

11. If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?
Rome. I wanna give peace fingers to Pops

Ok I'm done with the Q&A but I'm so sorry I can't proceed to be in this challenge links.I'm just so sorry. At least I respond to it :-)


beaty said...

fussy? rasanya tiada perempuan yang x fussy ni kan d

Anonymous said...

kim slm munyit ko..hehe

Cherrie.Mia said...

I like the No.6. We r same :)

dyanared said...

Beaty:sy suka dgr ko least I can tell this to my munyit

Ashley:byk sana hutan

Cher: siuk ada duit :).tapi duit enda pandai stay di jg bagi sama tauke kedai.LOL

Grace said...

No.7! tapak!

Aki said...

6. I'm a fussy person.It's hard to satisfy me.. Well,for si Aki,it's easy to please and satisfy a girl.. Trust me.. HA ha ha.. #psychotic..

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