Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sometime People Will Not Remember Their Words

I was knowing someone for almost 8 years. Knowing him at the level that I can say I know 80% of him. Well, if you say you 100% know your bf, I just can laugh at my heart with a sign LOL.

When we were in University, we always talked about that minah kilang from I***n. Both of us were doing our industrial trainning in a nearby factory. We were about to complete our Engineering Degree. From our discussion, I know that he doesn't likes and get irritated with all minah I***n. He looked down on them because of their low mentality and attitudes.

Guess what?? After 3 years working as an engineer in high reputation German's factory;

One fine day, I was browsing my Facebook and I saw his relationship status 'in a relationship with...' with few pictures of them. It was quite easy for me to spot that I***n look. Very typical look with their trademark jeans (I don't know what kind of jeans but they always use it). I was in a non gravity earth for a while where I couldn't feel my foot on the floor. Really shocked. Someone I knew for years who claimed he hate this species suddenly now in love with them and he didn't feel shame to show the world his I***n. He broke up with the girl few months later. But hey...he found another love from the same species.

That is the proof that sometime people will not remember their words. May be we 100% believe what they say today because they really mean it at the moment, but always keep in mind that human are forgetful and human can change by time.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Girl's Car

Hi girls, what do you think about this car? Awesome right? Haha...You can do the painting inside your beloved car. Me?? I think this car is for someone who really need a heavy layer every time & everywhere. I'm not going to do this for my dashboard. In fact I only put a sunscreen lotion for emergency purpose. No makeup tools at all because I afraid the sun heat will defect the makeup.

Oh..ya I have a new header inspired by Hanis Zalikha. The very first time trying to get a header for myself. I did set up threaded comment so easy to reply each of your comments. Today, I didn't go anywhere (will tell you why on next entry) so I have all my time to explore about blogging setting.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I Don't Wish To Be Here Forever


Its Wednesday still but I feel I had left KK for thousand years.Baru 3 hari ba. And I've been trapped here for 1 year since January 2011. Ooo..I still can't accept my life here but quite ok compared to last year, compared to my first week. FYI, my mom and pa both from Kudat which bring you the fact that I'm 100% authentic made from (not in ya) Kudat. I was born in KK and raised up there. I only come back to Kudat for family gathering during Christmas, Kaamatan, wedding or whatever to be called festival. Oh...including funeral. Maybe 2,3 or 4 times per year. That is why its hard for me to accept small town lifestyle.

I want to be with my family in KK. Want to hang out with friends. KK banyak tempat hang out kan. Get various nice foods.Kudat? Well, can say that I don't have my heart here. My time spent almost at the school and home.Everyday is the same routine. Friends? 99% of my colleagues are married veteran. My old friends in Kudat all got married. Family? Yup sometime I hang out with them. But they all have their own family to take care of.

But for all the complaints, I should be thankful because I was not posted in rural area like some of my friends. Just a thought of missing my life in KK. And living in Kudat makes me spend more fulus . I have to pay my house rental. You will be surprise if I say the rental rate here is more expensive than KK. Can get cheaper with kampung house but I think about the comfort and safety. I do spend more on my petrol. I come down to KK every weekend. Saya rasa macam mo pirate ja untuk ganti duit petrol tapi saya takut saya plak kena culik.hehe...

Nah..I show you my Kudat meals.Susah cari makan di sini. Balik2 itu juga.

Chicken Chop Kudat.Macam sedap kan. Tapi sos dia manis la.Mahal juga ni RM15. Begini la saya di Kudat mo kepingin makan chicken chop hentam saja walau sos dia manis.

Nasi kukus + Ayam merah RM5.oh..ini sedap la tapi kalau hari2 makan ini ....???


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