Friday, 11 November 2011

Makeup Pouch

Just back  from school. Its Friday but well…my school is busy preparing for Children’s Day that will be held tomorrow. I’m just too tired this few weeks and days before school holiday. There are some activities/programs need my full attention. I’m writing this post with a strong whisper to ask me to sleep. But before that happen, I will share my newly makeup pouch. I was boring with my old makeup pouch so I grabbed a new one. The reason is I want a new makeup pouch! New thing I heart is always a good therapy and motivation for my day.

makeup pouch

Cute things and PINK always make my heart blooming  Rolling on the floor laughing

Perhaps someday, I can show you what are my new painting accessories.  I had threw my old makeup and renew my collection. Remember my post Mengemas?

OK...I'm sleepy. Gudnite ols!


Wency Elizabeth said...

napa ko buang? bg sa kan bagus..hehehe..
aku ndak perna tfkir ba beli benda bgni..slu main sumbat ja di beg..hahhaahhh..

dyanared said...

Wen:Lama sdh 1-2thn.maybe expired suka kumpul beg2 kecil utk orginze brg.apa2 brg la bkn makeup sj

Aki said...

ko bagi si Aki,nanti si Aki jual la.. He he he..

Chii said...

do what's in my makeup pouch/bag!

Rose Flower said...

Cute make-up pouch!!!

beaty said...

cute owh tidak pakai makeup trus bawa ja ni

Aemy Shamy said...

cute!!! so ladylike ;)

Grace said...

Dyana: maybe next time kita bole bikin garage sale. kasi kumpul beg/kasut/baju yang kita x mo, pastu jual. At least dapat $$ bikin beli stok baru kan?

Armstrong said...

So how was Children's Day today? :D

btw, happy Saturday hehee. And you post a pic with you posing with the pouch hahaa.

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