Thursday, 24 November 2011

Etude House and 30% Discount

Yup! They were in KK since 19th of November. Some of my friends and me especially have been waiting for their opening. And… additional good news is they are having 30% discount for every Etude’s products. Discount for their new opening outlet in 1Borneo. But it will last until this 30th of November.Enda lama sudah…Disappointed smile

The outlet is just nearby Elianto, Gnd Floor

etude makeup
Etude’s Eyeshadow. I got enough so no more purchase.


I managed to get 3 samples of Precious Mineral BB. Will try later Smile.  The blusher.. not impress me. But look at the small bottle called ‘Nymph Aura Volumer’. It function to give our skin more glow. Blend together with BB cream to enhance or volume the glow. Bulila tahan but I forgot the price. Maybe around RM60-70 before less. I’m not sure if I want to purchase it later. Because in my opinion, my face primer also gives me the safe effect with cheaper RM.

etude mask

FYI, I’m a big fan of mask sheet and eye patch. It gives instant result!  Its like…heaven, to find many types of them. These will be extra mask sheets in my hands.

The haul of the Etude’s day
etude haul

Red lipsVacance Special Kit.  (The big box.I purchased this as a giveaway to my readers someday)
Red lipsBlackhead Off Oil (Yellow box)
Red lipsFresh Nailwash Safe(pink bottle)
Red lipsCollagen Eye Patch (The packet with cute girl face)
Red lipsPomegranate Mask Sheet
Red lipsEssence Mask Collagen
Red lipsLucidarling Fantastic Rouge Gloss
Red lipsNymph Aura Shine Lips

Oh…the water bottle is a free gift for purchase more than RM80. I got another free Etude’s mirror (its free gift for purchase RM30 above) and 3 samples of BB cream.

And also pow them extra Etude’s shopping bag. Its cute so I asked another oneSmile

etude bag

Actually their outlet still have many unstock products. Should I say here that I had found my perfect lipgloss? Hehe…I just love their mask sheet and lippie stuff.

BTW, have any of you try Baviphat ( I forgot the correct spelling). Its another Korean brand located in Warisan Square and Wisma Merdeka. Hrm…I’m into Korean and Japanese product now. I feel safe…I mean Korean and Japanese product is more to herbs and organics. Some more I feel most of their product suit my Asian’s necessity.


beaty said...

d buli minta sample ka pula sana..wah dekat suda mau abis promo dia tu d..untuk semua produk ka off tu d?

Baviphat? sa ind pernah dengar ni ..nanti mau cubuk

Michelle Sung said...

alala harap2 gajian sdh before the promotion end..:) sentiki la moi sa pun more to korean/japan's products now sebab kbnykan in the range of organics and herb...

kami pernah masuk tu baviphat yg sana wisma merdeka..tpi x beli la..test2 ja..siok pkai tu lotion BP..wangi&lembut..

dyanared said...

Bet:hehe..try ja ba minta mana2 tmpt kamu shopping.ada tu tp now bb cream ja ada sample dorg.eya..semua produk ada disc.itu lipgloss tgl rm20.siuk lipgloss dia bet.kaler sama bau dia suka

Mich:sintiki!mcm berkesan/ngam sama kulit kita bah kan produk k/jpan ni.oo...nnt sy p sana la.dorg ckp d warisan yg besar outlet dia.ngehhh

beaty said...

d...iya sa sukadia pny lip gloss..the best so nanti bisuk sa pigi mau beli lip gloss dia..tu ja n mask sheet sa tergoda ni...

wah tempted suda sa ni

dyanared said...

Bet:sy rasa lipgloss sy beli tu mcm yg ko pakai time wedding kwn ko.terang warna pink dia.mcm mo beli lg lipgloss.bah..bila lg ada 30% kan.kekke..oh ya collagen eye patch tu kan dpt cleo award tu sbb tu sy mo try.

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