Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Learning The Dictionary Of High Intensity Work Out

Hello babe. I feel like a dumb blonde today. After few years living on earth, I just get the urge to familiar with the high intensity work out terms. I always see in the monthly magazine that I subsribed all the terms and how the girl doing it but I never try to see them seriously because I thought going aerobic, zumba, gym (running on tread mill, weight lifting, etc) will be enough. But my dear, I am a curious and obsess girl. When I start something and fall in love with it, the discovering process will be no end.

So, I used uncle Google to know..see what are they.

Jump squat - For strong and toned leg

Sit- Stand squat 

Wall-sit and squat

Ok, for today's lesson I think it is enough with three. And I done this with 30 minutes of aerobic. It is quite tiring for the not-so fit body like mine. But it is ok. As long as I have started new thing today. The lesson will be continued as I will add on my routine day by day.

And how a mother of three sons can be fit like this. She is so inspiring and arouse me to get FIT. hoho...

Till next post babe

Friday, 21 September 2012

Life Is A Roller coaster

Not everything is superb in our life and not everyday is ok. We will encounter so many ups and downs. It is impossible to be happy all the time even though we always try to get happiness. What most important is how we face the obstacles. Whether to bury ourself in a deep mourning or think positively that everything happened for reason and believe every problem have its solution or if not, they will go away in time.Believing in God that He loves us and will always bring happiness to us can lessen the burden.

Happy Friday everyone. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wordpress or Blogspot?

I can't decide whether to maintain my or this blogspot. I know I'm an unstable tree, I can inclined to different side at such time depends to what I thought at the moment.

Now, I'm more to the blogspot side. I thought of maintaining this blog because I don't think I can commit to my wordpress. I feel this blogspot keep me humble, not too expose. Haha..I still can blog about beauty and some life diary here. That is what I think. While wordpress, I always feel it is for professional use and I'm not feel comfortable to share my life there because too much exposure. I'm not ready for it.Haha..

But,that is what I think at this moment. Maybe some other time, it will change. Some more my wordpress account will be expire on January 2013, so I still have time to decide. Few months to go. is great here. I'm waiting for long holiday even though I don't have any plan. Haha..

Till next post :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saving and Property

I know I've been spending too much to unwanted things during my 1st year of working. Really, I didn't know where my money goes to. But it is ok. I never regret because for me there will be right time for anything. When I think it is time to enjoy, I should enjoy to the fullest.

Now, the phase of spending money is gone. I just want to save money and invest to property, I mean house. I bought my dream car last year but I never consider car as property because I will never get profit in long run. Car is my own fulfillment. I remember my friend said 'my ride, my pride'. Well, that is not my principle to drive a  car. I just love car and I want to own more but I sedar diri juga.kekeke...

I talked to my landlord here in Kudat. She was a nurse and the hubby was a wireman before they retired. Well, they didn't earn much but they own 3 houses. 2 houses in Kudat (1 banglow and 1 semi-D) and another double-storey terrace house in KK. I'm so impressed. She said, it was hard at the beginning but because it was their mission to own property, they managed to get it.

My first house is OTW and with God's permission, hopefully everything will be settle before 2013. And I'm planning to own another house by 2014 when I got my full salary (without KWSP deduction) and with some increment :). I'm ready to commit because I know without the commitment my money will gone nowhere. No record, no memory.

Why I keep thinking of blue Honda City? Lust is lust..

Till next post

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sometime People Will Not Remember Their Words

I was knowing someone for almost 8 years. Knowing him at the level that I can say I know 80% of him. Well, if you say you 100% know your bf, I just can laugh at my heart with a sign LOL.

When we were in University, we always talked about that minah kilang from I***n. Both of us were doing our industrial trainning in a nearby factory. We were about to complete our Engineering Degree. From our discussion, I know that he doesn't likes and get irritated with all minah I***n. He looked down on them because of their low mentality and attitudes.

Guess what?? After 3 years working as an engineer in high reputation German's factory;

One fine day, I was browsing my Facebook and I saw his relationship status 'in a relationship with...' with few pictures of them. It was quite easy for me to spot that I***n look. Very typical look with their trademark jeans (I don't know what kind of jeans but they always use it). I was in a non gravity earth for a while where I couldn't feel my foot on the floor. Really shocked. Someone I knew for years who claimed he hate this species suddenly now in love with them and he didn't feel shame to show the world his I***n. He broke up with the girl few months later. But hey...he found another love from the same species.

That is the proof that sometime people will not remember their words. May be we 100% believe what they say today because they really mean it at the moment, but always keep in mind that human are forgetful and human can change by time.

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Girl's Car

Hi girls, what do you think about this car? Awesome right? Haha...You can do the painting inside your beloved car. Me?? I think this car is for someone who really need a heavy layer every time & everywhere. I'm not going to do this for my dashboard. In fact I only put a sunscreen lotion for emergency purpose. No makeup tools at all because I afraid the sun heat will defect the makeup.

Oh..ya I have a new header inspired by Hanis Zalikha. The very first time trying to get a header for myself. I did set up threaded comment so easy to reply each of your comments. Today, I didn't go anywhere (will tell you why on next entry) so I have all my time to explore about blogging setting.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I Don't Wish To Be Here Forever


Its Wednesday still but I feel I had left KK for thousand years.Baru 3 hari ba. And I've been trapped here for 1 year since January 2011. Ooo..I still can't accept my life here but quite ok compared to last year, compared to my first week. FYI, my mom and pa both from Kudat which bring you the fact that I'm 100% authentic made from (not in ya) Kudat. I was born in KK and raised up there. I only come back to Kudat for family gathering during Christmas, Kaamatan, wedding or whatever to be called festival. Oh...including funeral. Maybe 2,3 or 4 times per year. That is why its hard for me to accept small town lifestyle.

I want to be with my family in KK. Want to hang out with friends. KK banyak tempat hang out kan. Get various nice foods.Kudat? Well, can say that I don't have my heart here. My time spent almost at the school and home.Everyday is the same routine. Friends? 99% of my colleagues are married veteran. My old friends in Kudat all got married. Family? Yup sometime I hang out with them. But they all have their own family to take care of.

But for all the complaints, I should be thankful because I was not posted in rural area like some of my friends. Just a thought of missing my life in KK. And living in Kudat makes me spend more fulus . I have to pay my house rental. You will be surprise if I say the rental rate here is more expensive than KK. Can get cheaper with kampung house but I think about the comfort and safety. I do spend more on my petrol. I come down to KK every weekend. Saya rasa macam mo pirate ja untuk ganti duit petrol tapi saya takut saya plak kena culik.hehe...

Nah..I show you my Kudat meals.Susah cari makan di sini. Balik2 itu juga.

Chicken Chop Kudat.Macam sedap kan. Tapi sos dia manis la.Mahal juga ni RM15. Begini la saya di Kudat mo kepingin makan chicken chop hentam saja walau sos dia manis.

Nasi kukus + Ayam merah RM5.oh..ini sedap la tapi kalau hari2 makan ini ....???

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Cherry Restaurant

Haippp...I think I found another favorite place to dine in. Siuk sini...Cherry Restaurant. The environment looks like cosy place or starred hotel's restaurant but hehe...not that cosy. It is a restaurant owned by Cherry Club at Inanam. Very convenient place. They have own parking space inside the club. No need to pusing2 kepala cari parking. The security guard will acts like a jockey to find parking for you. Siuk kan...Most important the food itself :)

 Chinese Tea Ping

 Shark Fin Soup (RM13 per pax)

 Vege (RM8)

Lemon Chicken (RM15)

For sure this going to be my favorite spot to dine in :)

Friday, 27 January 2012

Q&A: My Makeup Story

Its like a revenge for being so silent and hiding from blogging world for so long. I  write more entry. 

Just now I strolled around on youtube beauty community. Well, its a hobby for me. Gain more knowledge about beauty. I saw this questions which is inspired me to blog out here. source

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?
18. After secondary school, I started to feel free to attempt  anything out of school rules.

2. How did you get into makeup?
Some older girlfriends. Inspired by their makeup made gorgeous looks.

3. What are some of your favorite brands?
I don't have specific brand to list down. Its what I need and suit me become a consideration.

4. If you could only wear 4 products on your face what would they be?
BB cream (with spf)
Lip Balm

5. What does makeup mean to you?
Beauty Accesories

6. What is your favorite thing about makeup?
Enhance confidence and personality.

7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high end makeup?
I usually go on with drugstore makeup. Its cheap of course. What I need is just a little bit enhancer for my bold look. And its nothing to do with price. As long as I like or comfort with the product. 

8. What is one tip of advice you can give to a beginner?
REMOVE makeup with makeup remover! It is more important than putting on all the chemical dust on your skin. Non removed makeup will clog the pores and causes blemishes.

9. What is one makeup trend you never understood?
I think I'm not able to answer this since I'm not really updated with makeup trend. I wear makeup on what I think best for my look. One thing I always put on my mind about makeup is "LESS IS MORE"    

10. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?
I really.. really owed them! They taught me a lot about beauty. I wish I read and watch their video when I was 12. Thanks to Michelle Phan and Bubzbeauty. I love them sooo much..


I spent my holidays with this;

It took about 1-2 hours for neck section beading (depends on the patern). Need a lot of patient and passion to complete the task.

This look like a sakura theme I think. Didn't planned it. I bought some colored beads and usually what I planned is not what the outcome will appear. Main hantam saja...

Just a simple beading for my new baju kurung. As long as it pop up a bit my attire.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

What Caused By A Maniac?

I'm not sure if some of you noticed for Dyana Diary's invisible mode in blog atmosphere. I did it for about 2 weeks. I privatized my blog and even decide to delete it for good. Some friends did asked through my Facebook about this blog. That was when I still have my FB. Yup, I had delete my FB account last week. All these done just because to protect myself from that MANIAC (if you happened to read my previous entry).

He hacked my personal details from everywhere through internet. He text-ed me ' I know everything about you. Its easy to find you'. I considered that sms as a threat and I keep that sms just in case I have to make a police report. If that maniac happen to read this, please keep in your head that I'm not making a silly jokes when I said I want to bring this matter as a police case. Yes..I mean it. I'm sick with you!

I love this blog even this is just a nut blog but I put my effort on every entry. That is why I re-open Dyana 's Diary to public. But I had delete some personal entries. Half of my entries to be exact. Thats a lot! But I don't want some people with serious thinking, crazy head or bad intention digging up that personal. That is called MANIAC.

I will blog as usual ladies....

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Domo Boy 2

Scene 1
Teacher Soju sedang menulis di papan. Si Domo Boy pegi dekat sana papan then tanya macam2 soalan tidak logik. Teacher Soju suruh duduk dengan suara yang agak keras sebab si Domo Boy enda mo dengar. Respon si Domo Boy...

Domo Boy: Napa cikgu jahat sudah. Dulu cikgu baik.

Scene 2
Cikgu Suzuka bagi nasihat kepada si Domo Boy. sekali bilang dia...

Domo Boy: Boleh ka cikgu diam? Sakit telinga saya dengar (dengan suara manja ni)

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Warna Mengikut Hari

Dikatakan jika kita memakai baju mengikut frekuensi warna pada hari tersebut akan menambahkan aura dan tenaga kita. Saya tahu benda dari seorang pensyarah dan beliau memang mengamalkannya.

Isnin (Putih)
Warna putih mempunyai tenaga luar biasa untuk memulihkan tenaga dan mood pada hari Isnin yang agak suram dan bosan di tempat kerja.

Selasa (Merah Jambu)
Hari Selasa sering dikaitkan dengan sesuatu yang kurang baik seperti terlalu emosional, cepat marah dan sebagainta. Warna lembut seperti merah jambu mempunyai aura yang romantis dan mampu menyeimbangkan emosi.

Rabu (Biru)
Biru adalah lambang penyembuhan serta dikaitkan dengan keberkesanan komunikasi. Ia memberi kesan komunikasi yang baik nescaya segala-galanya berjalan lancar pada hari tersebut.

Khamis (Kuning / Jingga)
Warna ini adalah warna yang penuh godaan yang membara, ceria, daring dan dikaitkan dengan warna sensual wanita. Ia menjadikan wanita lebih menggoda.

Jumaat (Hijau)
Hijau adalah lambang ketenangan jiwa dan kedamaian.

Sabtu (Merah)
Pilihan warna merah menyemarakkan mood di malam minggu untuk bersuka ria.

Ahad (Hitam)
Hitam mempunyai azimat untuk menyimpan tenaga sepanjang enam hari. Ia ibarat mengecas semula tenaga untuk memulakan hari baru pada minggu berikutnya.

Terdapat 7 warna yang mempunyai frekuensi aura berbeza sepanjang minggu. Jika kita memakai warna yang bertentangan ibarat berjalan melawan arus maka ada sahaja kesukaran dihadapi :))

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Domo Boy

Its a story about newcomer Year 1 pupil in my school.

Scene 1
Domo Boy: Sir, I don't like you in my class. You are fat!!

Scene 2
Domo Boy asked permission to go to the washroom during class but actually he went to meet the headmistress to complaint.

Domo Boy: Teacher Soju has been so long in my class.She insist to go out.

Well, it suppose to Teacher Soju's period  but this Domo Boy is very demanding. He thinks he can simply ask any teacher to go out from the class. Not only demanding but also 'talam 2 muka'. Once Teacher Soju's period ended,

Domo Boy: Teacher Soju, please don't go. I like you!   (muahahahaha)

Scene 3:
Domo Boy: Teacher Bon, why are you still teaching? You are old and going to die soon.

The school has just started in 3 days and this 7 years old Domo Boy has started demanding bla bla bla...

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