Friday, 21 September 2012

Life Is A Roller coaster

Not everything is superb in our life and not everyday is ok. We will encounter so many ups and downs. It is impossible to be happy all the time even though we always try to get happiness. What most important is how we face the obstacles. Whether to bury ourself in a deep mourning or think positively that everything happened for reason and believe every problem have its solution or if not, they will go away in time.Believing in God that He loves us and will always bring happiness to us can lessen the burden.

Happy Friday everyone. Thanks for reading :)

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wordpress or Blogspot?

I can't decide whether to maintain my or this blogspot. I know I'm an unstable tree, I can inclined to different side at such time depends to what I thought at the moment.

Now, I'm more to the blogspot side. I thought of maintaining this blog because I don't think I can commit to my wordpress. I feel this blogspot keep me humble, not too expose. Haha..I still can blog about beauty and some life diary here. That is what I think. While wordpress, I always feel it is for professional use and I'm not feel comfortable to share my life there because too much exposure. I'm not ready for it.Haha..

But,that is what I think at this moment. Maybe some other time, it will change. Some more my wordpress account will be expire on January 2013, so I still have time to decide. Few months to go. is great here. I'm waiting for long holiday even though I don't have any plan. Haha..

Till next post :)

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Saving and Property

I know I've been spending too much to unwanted things during my 1st year of working. Really, I didn't know where my money goes to. But it is ok. I never regret because for me there will be right time for anything. When I think it is time to enjoy, I should enjoy to the fullest.

Now, the phase of spending money is gone. I just want to save money and invest to property, I mean house. I bought my dream car last year but I never consider car as property because I will never get profit in long run. Car is my own fulfillment. I remember my friend said 'my ride, my pride'. Well, that is not my principle to drive a  car. I just love car and I want to own more but I sedar diri juga.kekeke...

I talked to my landlord here in Kudat. She was a nurse and the hubby was a wireman before they retired. Well, they didn't earn much but they own 3 houses. 2 houses in Kudat (1 banglow and 1 semi-D) and another double-storey terrace house in KK. I'm so impressed. She said, it was hard at the beginning but because it was their mission to own property, they managed to get it.

My first house is OTW and with God's permission, hopefully everything will be settle before 2013. And I'm planning to own another house by 2014 when I got my full salary (without KWSP deduction) and with some increment :). I'm ready to commit because I know without the commitment my money will gone nowhere. No record, no memory.

Why I keep thinking of blue Honda City? Lust is lust..

Till next post

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