Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Pink Dolly Wink

I was craving for this mascara since few months ago after knowing it from Eki's blog. Then I tried to find it from Sasa's store but hrm....they only have the blue one. The blue is for volumizing while I am a loyal mascara lover with lengthening type of mascara. I don't like my lashes to called 'pindik-pindik tagap'. I went to Sasa 1B and Suria but both of them don't have the pink. The SA told me that the pink has been sold out earlier while the blue is still standing quietly in the show rack. So..I said NVM la. I will wait for the pink to restock yang entah bila sebab si biru masih banyak gila.

Until last week I visited SASA in Warisan Square by hoping to see the pink. Ngeee...macam tidak sabar sudah masuk kadai. But...again I was in with dissapointed face when the SA told me the same thing. Buttt....she suggest me to find it in Daily Care Centre Point. Yah...saya terus pegi sana. Bukan jauh pun dari Warisan. Bah..ok la pendek cerita saya beli sana la. Hrm...baru puas hati saya!

Why I'm craving for this Pink Dolly Wink??
Well, I have been using it twice. Its my pleasure to admit that it is a super hot mascara but please don't expect me to give a review here because;

1. I'm not a pro makeup artist that can give you details about the mascara.
2. I don't have camera that can click my  real lashes as from my previous entry mascara review I think I didn't manage to show the real picture of my lashes.
3.Someone with her profession had made a tremendous review.

So...I don't think you will buy my cheap review here.hehe....

You can click here for the full review. But..if you are lazy to click, I leave you with Eki's dolly wink eye. Wink..Wink...I'm a Doll!!!

 Maybe I have to warn you that you need a patient to apply this mascara. I apply maybe 3 or 4 coats to get the same effect with Eki's eye above. 

If you buy the review,you can get it from Daily Care,3rd floor of Centre Point. Don't forget to bring RM69.90!


Wency Elizabeth said...

wow..cantik oh mata si Eki.. mcm pakai false eyelashes..tp currently sa sgt mls mau pkai mekap begini-ginian..hihi

Chii said...

mahal 90 sen!

dyanared said...

Chii:sy actually lupa brapa sy byr ni brg.bila sy beli brg sometime sy tdk tgk btul tu harga.so..i just guess la harganya dalam lingkungan begitu.

Rose Flower said...

ngam lah untuk bulu mata ku yang pindik2 ni!!!

beaty said...

wah not bad ni d...bh...nanti ko kasi pic ko ah pakai ni dolly wink

dyanared said...

Rose:yah..kasi pjg ni

Beaty:hrm..ba nnt2 sy minta puji.hehe

kay masingan said...

bah bagus ni mo try,,,bulu mata sia pindik ja..heheh

dyanared said...

hehe...ada tester jg sana daily care.jgn dulu ko pakai mascara sedia kalo p sana.hehe

Aki said...

oh.. ok,tapi bulu mata si Aki panjang da.. Ha ha ha.. :-p

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