Tuesday, 6 September 2011


The most and very most skin care to apply when you go outdoor is sunblock! Compare to all things girls always listed such as foundation, mascara, eyeliner or all that things, I would not even expose myself to sun without protection from my trusted sunblock even though it is cloudy or rainy outside. It doesn't matter whether you can't see the sun but the UVA/UVB still can penetrate our skin. 

I'm so paranoia with freckles, pimples and all skin disorders. I believed for myself that my skin complexion most affected by sun exposure. I'm not expert just a thought from my experience. Please named all the skin disorders and I will surely admit that I have once and I managed to swam away from all that problems due to the routine of sunblock application.

Some girls, they believe the SPF from foundation or other skin products can protect their thick skin layer. I mean sometime the skin product come in some packages such as whitening +SPF30. I don't trust! I prefer to buy the real Sunblock for my skin. It is just like a long term investment for your skin. The worst impacts of  UVA/UVB will be in your aged time.I won't take risk.

Body sunblock and face sunblock is different. Yes.. you can use body sunblock on your face skin but your face will come out very oily and sticky. Original sunblock is sticky but for the face necessity, they make it become less sticky. And good news is now day we can get matte application. So I don't have to worry with my oily skin anymore since it won't increase the oil of my skin. 

oh another things to consider when choosing your sunblock. We can calculate how long the sunblock will works to protect our skin. It is easy! 1 SPF can last for 15 minutes. Let me show you the calculation.

30 x 15mins = 450 mins

450 mins = 7 hours 30 mins

So, if the sunblock stated SPF30 means it will works only for 7 hours and 30 mins. After that, your skin is no longer protected and you have to apply again for further protection.

Sorry no pictures for this entry. My internet connection is terribly bad.Will wait for hours to upload a picture.


Red Cherry and Avocado said...

Ok now I got the real fact. I used to buy SPF15

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