Thursday, 29 September 2011

Pinky Crazy Car

I don't know why many girls like pink. Its like a colour special for girls. I also don't know why am I also included in pinky girl mania group. I feel cutier when I wear pink T-shirt, I feel younger when I wear pink handbag. I feel happy when I see pinky stuff. Pink is sweet and cute.We just love the colour right pinky girls?

How about this????

Cute and sweet pinky car!


Red Cherry and Avocado said...

astaga saya minat pink tapi nda la smpai mahu buat mcm ni...

dyanareds said... pun minat pink jg.byk brg pink tp I never say kalau mau kereta sy nampak sporty not girly.hehe...lg macam senang dibuli on the road kalo keta pink.hehe

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