Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Learning The Dictionary Of High Intensity Work Out

Hello babe. I feel like a dumb blonde today. After few years living on earth, I just get the urge to familiar with the high intensity work out terms. I always see in the monthly magazine that I subsribed all the terms and how the girl doing it but I never try to see them seriously because I thought going aerobic, zumba, gym (running on tread mill, weight lifting, etc) will be enough. But my dear, I am a curious and obsess girl. When I start something and fall in love with it, the discovering process will be no end.

So, I used uncle Google to know..see what are they.

Jump squat - For strong and toned leg

Sit- Stand squat 

Wall-sit and squat

Ok, for today's lesson I think it is enough with three. And I done this with 30 minutes of aerobic. It is quite tiring for the not-so fit body like mine. But it is ok. As long as I have started new thing today. The lesson will be continued as I will add on my routine day by day.

And how a mother of three sons can be fit like this. She is so inspiring and arouse me to get FIT. hoho...

Till next post babe


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