Thursday, 20 September 2012

Wordpress or Blogspot?

I can't decide whether to maintain my or this blogspot. I know I'm an unstable tree, I can inclined to different side at such time depends to what I thought at the moment.

Now, I'm more to the blogspot side. I thought of maintaining this blog because I don't think I can commit to my wordpress. I feel this blogspot keep me humble, not too expose. Haha..I still can blog about beauty and some life diary here. That is what I think. While wordpress, I always feel it is for professional use and I'm not feel comfortable to share my life there because too much exposure. I'm not ready for it.Haha..

But,that is what I think at this moment. Maybe some other time, it will change. Some more my wordpress account will be expire on January 2013, so I still have time to decide. Few months to go. is great here. I'm waiting for long holiday even though I don't have any plan. Haha..

Till next post :)


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