Saturday, 8 February 2014

Make-up Class

Enroll in a pro make-up class is one of my list-to-do but for some unknown reasons, it never happen. Maybe I don't have friend to go or I love my money that much I'm not willing to pay hundred bucks for fee.

Until one day, I found an advert on FB. A make-up artist looking for two models for her make-up class. It was school holidays so without thinking long, I contact the MUA. She asked for our (sister and I) picture. I purposely mention my sister name so that I have friend. My sister didn't know. The next day, the MUA informed me that she will be using us as her model. YAY! 

My intention to become as a model was to feel and try her touch and to learn her technique. I don't have to pay right for her class since I am her model. Being dolled-up by her and learn the make-up technique was a great bonus. It was a class for bridal make-up.

The greatest technique I learnt was the glue technique for eyebrow. It is a technique to draw the eyebrow without cleaning the stray hair. Usually it requested by muslim women who don't pluck their eyebrow. Then, I learnt how to set the falsie correctly for upper and lower lashes.How to get them in fullest look. How to set the make-up using the shuemura. And most important was the base; foundation, shading and highlight. I think I learnt more than that to improve my make-up skills.

During my second reception, I have this heart to try my own touch. Bila lagi mau rasa mekap sendiri.

I chose natural look. I save hundreds bucks by doing my own make-up. I will practice more to improve my skills in the future.


beaty said...

siok o d lawa lagi tu ko kena mekap

Dyana said...

@beaty eya sbb mmg MUA kan

Jessica Justine said...

lawa tu makeup.. soft smokey eyes :)

Michelle Sung said...

lawa o..ko pun pandai sdh ni..cantik. sya pun mau pelan2 belajar mekap sendiri la..jimat lagi

Dyana said...

@ Jessica: eya professional MUA ba tu

@Michelle: Boleh la mekap sendiri2. Itu pun few times tanya hubby lawa sudah ka?lol

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