Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Beauty Drink

I haven't take collagen or any beauty drink for almost a year. I was too occupied with my wedding and new house. Hence, I didn't have time to think about anything else. Only wedding and house.

I think few years back are collagen glory days. Today, I heard less of them. Today, I heard glutathione and stem cell mostly. Their marketing are more powerful. 

I almost sold to this

Beautiful skin in just 7 days? Who doesn't want right? The only restraint is, is it safe for my body. Is it safe for long term. Then, I have a chit chat with my colleague,voiced up my desire and lust to have beautiful skin in a blink of eye. I should thanks to her for turning off my lust. She said, whatever product that claim can whiten in very short time may be contains of mercury. I know for sure mercury is not good for long term. And I'm not sure how safe all these products right? So play safe. I don't want to get beautiful skin but suffer in the end. For me, it does make sense. Fast effectiveness product have more chemicals in it.

I also hooked with this

It has many benefits and safe since it stated 'non GMO'. No toxic! And Shaklee is also well known in health industry today. I even consumed their Vitamin E and Omega Guard. But for ESP, I still thinking what is the difference between ESP and Melilea soy? Both are soy! Melilea is far cheaper than ESP. Albeit, ESP claims more benefits, but my mind still says they are same,made from soy. 

Thus, until now I still consuming Melilea soy. 


Chii said...

b4 pregnant sy minum tu esp. mmg bagus. cantik kulit. berseri2 ja nampak. tp since pregnant sy stop sbb malas. padahal bagus jg utk pregnancy. mungkin lps beranak baru sy sambung minum balik.

sy x brapa klu minuman collagen2 ni semua. mungkin dulu sy minat la, sbb sgt into beauty. skrg ni...haih. malas suda. siapa jg mo tgk kan? laki yg buruk2 sy pun dia suda nampak. haha. bkn la malas blawa dpn laki sda tp rasa mcm x perlu suda semua tu.

beaty said...

melilea mcm best

Dyana said...

@chii sungguh LOL. sy pun ada perasaan mls berlawa jg lps kawen tp sy lawan.kakaka...sy cuba jg kuatkan semangat berlawa.tp tdkla mcm dlu.lol.

mgkn sy mo cuba ESP jg tgk apa beza sama melilea.

@Beaty ok jg ni tp sy rasa tdk la terus rasa or nampak efek dia.I believe for long term health

Jessica Justine said...

tu aurawhite sy sgt sceptical! sy xpenah percaya tu wlupun sy byk kali sdh kna bg testimony macam2, bikin tegang kulit la, putih mulus la.. adaka all that happen in 7 days? so stick to natural n supplements ja la.. memang beauty is pain tapi i wouldn't risk my life for beauty.. :D

Joanne Juend said...

the esp really works on me. but sadly sy malas.. haha..

Dyana said...

@Jess: sy sikit terbeli oo.mo sgt cantik
@Joanne: Nnt I try :)

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