Sunday, 9 February 2014

Going Organics

I've been eyeing for organics skincare and cosmetics. I wanted to lessen the chemical intake in my body for health and future. Aware that I can't be organics in food because they all have chemicals. Chicken,meat, vegetables and fruits. Maybe fish don't have. At least I can lessen the chemicals absorb by changing what I use on my body and skin.


I really feel that this is the right time for me to change my skincare to organics one. I don't have to make long research because I've listed this brand for so long.


I heard a lot of positive feedback for this product. I know their skin (Melilea user) are glowing healthy. It is certified organics so I'm sure this is the right choice for me.

Body And Hair Care

It is hard for me to find one good brand for this. But I think Avalon Organics is quite a trusted brand.

They have lotion, shampoo, hand soap, conditioner and shower gel. Actually they also selling Vitamin C skincare but I trust Melilea more for skincare.


I think I would give Ronasutra a try. They claim it is mineral and safe to sleep with it. How safe is that.

They have foundation, powder, blusher and eye shadow. 

I think Virgin Mineral from The Body Shop is also one that I would consider. It is just they only have foundation and powder. I would love if they come with blusher and eye shadow like Ronasutra.

Make-up Remover

I use this on my skin everyday so it is important to get one that is organics. This is quite affordable.

The changes will cost me a lot for sure. 


Chii said...

organic products are expensive! for now i just use whatever works for me. but i think long-term, organic products would benefit me and baby..

Michelle Sung said...

going for organics sangat expensive i guess...tapi untuk kebaikan juga kan..hmm who knows someday boleh mampu pakai all organics :)

Joanne Juend said...

the only organics that I afford now is my baby's foods. All organics are &%$&*) expensive. Haha...

Dyana said...

@Chii; ya kinda expensive tp slowly mo change lifestyle

@Michelle: itula.palan2 ba ni

@Joanne: ya #&&% expensive dia.wah..never heard organic baby food

Joanne Juend said...

bahan mentah yang organics such as lentils orgnaic, pearl barley organic and so on..

berdarah juga jari membayar.. tp x apa sbb anak perlu itu, nnt sudah besar baru pelan2 bagi yang org dewasa pya makanan.. hehe

beaty said...

it expensive and at the same time susa may dpt ni

Dyana said...

@Joanne: susah jg kan mo dpt organics food
@Beaty: ya begitula. Use organic mana yg ada and termampu

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