Sunday, 16 February 2014

Valentine As Husband and Wife

I don't really celebrate Valentine but I do practice it as one special day among the 365 days. We are not that romantic couple but I think hubby still have the idea of going out for special dinner. I heard he suggested it .May be it is opportunity to make me rest from the kitchen.

This valentine, hubby went to KK with his friends to buy car accessories. Of course I had voice out to join them but he seems like want to go with his friends. So I didn't discuss it long. I let them go. I'm in a process to be flexible with my hubby. Flexible when he needed time to be with his friend, allow him to watch football until morning while I have to sleep alone etc. I don't want to be a queen control.

For sure, there will be no special dinner outside because hubby only at home at night. So, I planned to bake a cake. Chocolate lava cake. A treat for hubby for valentine. first trial didn't turn out well.

It tasted ok but the texture was not up my expectation. I ate 2 cups and the rest put them on refrigerator. I won't let my hubby eat my unsuccessful product.

Hubby only went home at 9pm. I didn't cook because he already sms me he tapau Mcd and Big Apple doughnut. To make it short, after we finished with the dinner and talked about his journey to KK, he hand me over this.

I couldn't help to smile. I can't hide my happiness. First, because of the present,. Second, I knew he refused to bring me to KK because he wanted to buy me this present and give me surprise. Before this, I told hubby I like surprise and I like jewelry. Not because I like to wear it like 'mamy jarum' but it is an investment. I prefer my hubby spend his money to buy gold for me rather than something else that cost the same but worthless. In fact, I seldom wear my jewelry. I don't feel comfortable feeling something hanging on me.

As for me, I didn't have any present for my hubby since my lava chocolate cake was failed. But while waiting for hubby to arrived from KK, I did clean the house. Well, that was my little valentine present for my hubby. He came home happily seeing the house clean and tidy.

I pray that God will keep our heart warmly for each other forever. Loving and taking care each other no matter what happen.


Gaby said...

sweeet.... :))

Michelle Sung said...

uiseh romantic ba tu..main tapuk2 dia beli present hehe siok oooo

Dyana said...

@ Gaby @Mich: Hopefully forever la begitu sweet.huhu

beaty said...

pny siok dpt hadiah emas.. hi hi dia x mau bawa ko sb mau kasi beli ko kan d

Jessica Justine said...

awww so nice.. memang dia nda mo bawa ko ba tu spy dia dpat beli present ko hehehe

Dyana said...

@Beaty @Jess: sy pun fikir dia sengaja tdk mo surprise

kay masingan said...

semoga kekal abadi..:)

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